On war against Islamic reign of terror

(On war against the Turk)

Luther’s preface

The two kingdoms

Counsels or binding commands

Misuse of the Christian name

Confusion of Christianity and politics

Facing two fronts

The first front – penance and prayer

Instructions for penance and prayer

Penance and prayer against Gods wrath

Islam – the faith of the Muslims

Islam denies Christ

Islam rules with arms

Muhammad and the pope are tied together

Islam despises women and marriage

Some Muslims are all right

The secular government

The authorities should not interfere in peoples faith

Responsible for the authorities continuation

The authorities should protect our body and earthly life

The limit of the duty of obedience

The relation between the Koran and the Bible

Italian weddings – homosexual relationships

Not crusade, but armed defence

Efficient attack as prevention

Serious warning





Finn B. Andersen