This web-side is first of all a help for Danish readers to read Martin Lutherís own texts as easy as possible. Therefore, most of the texts are in Danish, if there is a Danish translation (without copyright). If not, there will be a Norwegian, English, Swedish or modern German translation instead.


In addition, you will find some of Lutherís original key texts in German and Latin, and some symbolic books and key church documents from the reformation.


I am a Lutheran theologian and you are welcome to write me if you are looking for a special text of Lutherís (I have access to the WA-edition):






The Danish church Constitution (Den danske Kirkeordinans) from 1537 / 39 (written by Bugenhagen and approved by Luther).

In this Law, every vicar is instructed to have and read the following seven books:

1. First of all: The Bible

2. Lutherís Church Postil

3. Confessio Augustana with its Apology

4. Melanchthonís dogmatic, the Loci

5. Lutherís Shorter Catechism

6. The Examination-book of Saxony

7. The Church Constitution itself.


In 1683 King Christian V decrees ĒThe Law of DenmarkĒ ( Chr. Vís Danske Lov), which determines that the church is tied to the Bible, the three creeds of the Early Church, the shorter Catechism of Martin Luther and the Augsburg Confession.


The Danish Church has not officially confirmed The Book of Concord (- but neither officially rejected it).




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